If you had the time, would you work in the Network Marketing Industry?

That's the one question I like to ask people when they talk with me about needing to earn more money. And depending upon their answer, I like to follow-up by asking, do you know the difference between Affiliate Marketing and MLM Marketing?

My experience is that they don't understand the difference between the two business models. And these business models are very different. If people understood the difference. there would be more success and a lot less failure. ‘

Affiliate Marketing is more like working as a sales representative. You have a position with a business and your job is to promote the product or service and close the sale. A good affiliate marketer is someone who likes to copy, paste, and post ads.

The MLM business model is much different. It takes real entrepreneurship to become successful. This is not a business model that one can copy, paste, and post and expect any kind of success. MLM or Relationship Marketing as it's commonly called these days takes a lot of work.

Listed below are a few of the requirements and skills needed to grow a successful MLM Business.

First you must be willing to be trained. Each MLM Company has its own policies and procedures manual and no two are exactly alike. So before even beginning your business read over these documents very carefully.

Second you want to learn as much about the product as possible. You do not want to make the mistake of not knowing the benefits of your products and how they can add value your prospective consumer.

Third you want to contact your up-line sponsor or if they aren't available or are new to the business, then find a team leader. You need someone with knowledge to guide and direct you. But more importantly you need to want to learn.

The criteria for any business regardless if that business operates totally as an off-line business, or an on-line business or as both, you want to know how to recruit people to grow a down-line team.

MLM business models thrive on growing a good solid down-line. And the down-line must be taught that unless the product sells, then there is no volume.

In most MLM business models, the down-line volume bonus is where the residual money is being made. So, product sales as well as recruiting new members are absolutely the fuels needed to drive the MLM business model engine.

I like to think of it this way, the sale of the product is the gasoline for the engine and the recruiting of members is the oil that lubricates the engine and keeps it running smooth.

If you are interested in working on-line, take the time to study the difference between the two business models, before you take the leap of faith to join. It can mean the difference between success and failure.

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